Niger Aviation Sector

Niger Aviation Sector

Niger aviation sector is governed by the Ministry of Transport and the Agence Nationale de l’Aviation Civile du Niger (ANAC-Niger – Niger’s national civil aviation agency). The Air Transport Department and the Air Navigation Department are the two most important departments there. Niger has three international airports in Niamey, Agadez, and Zinder, which allow international flights to land directly at the airport. However, only Niamey has regularly scheduled international flights.

Over the last few years, the Niger Aviation Sector government has worked to align national legislation with international aviation laws and standards. Liberalization efforts have also been made, allowing for more operators at Niamey International Airport. Despite these efforts, costs remain high, and the ANAC-Niger diagnostic finds operators to be weak and the current infrastructure to be deficient. Aircraft in the country is getting older, and private companies have been hesitant to invest in the sector. Public investment has also lagged, but efforts to upgrade airports are currently underway.

Niamey can accommodate aircraft as large as the B747-AN124, Agadez 54/F/C/W/T, and Zinder is built to B737/200 standards. The major domestic airports in the country are Tahoua, Maradi, and Diffa, which are built to B737/200 standards. The remaining airports are classified as secondary but remain open to the public. The majority of these airports are little more than airstrips that only accommodate light aircraft. Only Niamey has the capacity to handle larger volumes of air cargo. All handling at larger airports is handled by the government-controlled Administration des Activités Aéronautiques Nationales du Niger (AANN – national aeronautical activities administration of Niger).

There are currently ten airlines that fly to and from Niamey. Intercontinental airlines such as Air France, Turkish Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, and Ethiopian are among them. Niger Airlines operates domestic public flights. There are also options for chartering aircraft for domestic flights. This business model is currently used by Chalair, Tamara Niger Aviation, and THS Niger in Niger. Flights are operated by UNHAS for humanitarian purposes.

Only Niamey has the infrastructure to receive and handle high-intensity air cargo, which is defined as aircraft weighing 75 million tonnes or more. Agadez and Zinder can accommodate low-intensity air cargo, or aircraft weighing less than 75 tons.

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