Poland’s Airspace Strategy Released

Poland's Airspace Strategy

Poland’s Airspace Strategy

The Polish Air Navigation Service Agency (PANSA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have announced the release of the first edition of Poland’s Airspace Strategy (ASP).

Poland’s aviation demand is expected to double over the next two decades, resulting in an estimated 1.5 million flights per year. During the same time period, passenger volumes at Polish airports could increase to 68 million passengers per year.

To meet this demand while ensuring safety, improving environmental performance, and reducing costs and delays, Poland’s airspace and air traffic management (ATM) network must be modernized. The successful modernization of airspace and ATMs is expected to result in significant benefits, including an additional €6 billion in annual GDP and 65,000 new Polish jobs by 2035.

Valuable Facts

In addition, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is Poland’s only institution that trains and employs civil air traffic controllers. They provide Flight Inspection Services from the air to monitor the proper operation of ground-based navigation aids.

The Airspace Strategy for Poland addresses the following topics: 

  1. The strategic direction of ATM in Poland in the future,
  2. Airspace modernization initiatives for increased capacity and more efficient routes that reduce fuel consumption and improve environmental performance, development of ATM systems
  3. Collaboration with European partners to accelerate the achievement of the SES goals.
  4. Consultation and collaboration with stakeholders in Polish aviation.

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