Somalia Aviation Infrastructure

Somalia Aviation Infrastructure

Somalia aviation infrastructure

Somalia aviation infrastructure includes 62 airports. Seven of them have paved runways. Four of the latter have runways longer than 3,047 meters, two between 2,438 and 3,047 meters, and one between 1,524 and 2,437 meters. There are 55 airports with unpaved runways. One has a runway length of more than 3,047 meters, four are between 2,450 and 3,050 meters, twenty are 1,500 to 2,450 meters, twenty-four are 900 to 1,500 meters, and six are less than 900 meters.

For nearly two decades, a small United Nations body has managed Somalia’s airspace without Somali involvement or international oversight. The Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority for Somalia (CACAS), based in Nairobi, was established in 1996 as a joint effort of UNDP and the International Civil Aviation Organization to ensure safe air transport over Somali airspace in the absence of a functional central government.

Somalia’s airports have become vital trading platforms and essential gateways to the country, stimulating local business, economic development, employment, and communications, owing to a poor and often unsafe road network and the seasonable availability of seaports.

The program is primarily supported by air navigation charges levied on aircraft flying through Somali airspace and landing at Somali airports. This revenue, however, is insufficient to meet the demands for rehabilitating, maintaining, and developing air transportation infrastructure, which is critical to humanitarian, developmental, and commercial activities. Somalia’s national civil aviation body is the Somali Civil Aviation Authority. It is administered by the Federal Ministry of Air and Land Transport and is headquartered in Mogadishu.

Somali Civil Aviation Authority

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority retook control of Somalia’s airspace at the end of 2013, after a lengthy period of management by the Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority for Somalia. Staff were being trained in Somalia in preparation for the transition. Over 100 airspace personnel were relocated to Mogadishu to assume management duties.

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) has been in charge of providing Air Navigation Services throughout Somalia’s airspace, including Aeronautical Information Service/Management. To gain access to Somalia’s Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)

List of Somali Airports

  1. Somalia Aden Abdulle International Airport Mogadishu
  2. Somalia Egal International Airport (Somaliland)
  3. Somalia Garowe International Airport (Puntland)
  4. Somalia Bossaso International Airport (Puntland)
  5. Somalia Galkayo National Airport
  6. Somalia Baidoa National Airport
  7. Somalia Burao National Airport
  8. Somalia Abudwak National Airport
  9. Somalia Afmadow National Airport
  10. Somalia Alula National Airport
  11. Somalia Beledweyne National Airport
  12. Somalia Baledogle National Airport
  13. Somalia Bandiraley National Airport
  14. Somalia Bardera National Airport
  15. Somalia Burduuba National Airport
  16. Somalia Candala National Airport
  17. Somalia Erigavo National Airport
  18. Somalia Ely National Airport
  19. Somalia Garbaharey National Airport
  20. Somalia Iskushuban National Airport
  21. Somalia Kismayo National Airport
  22. Somalia Lugh Ganane National Airport
  23. Somalia Obbia National Airport
  24. Somalia Qardho National Airport
Somalia Aviation Infrastructure Map
Somalia Aviation Infrastructure Map

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